Women ask “Will I get massive if I do resistance training?”

Women ask “Will I get massive if I do resistance training?”

This question is one that stops so may women from training, and so many getting the wrong idea about what their bodies will look like if they start resistance training. Largely, the media and the underground bodybuilding industry are to blame for this due to dishonesty on both parts. Let’s answer this question honestly and put some rumours to rest…

The bit they don’t tell you…

It can be hard to find an honest article online because no one likes to talk about the subject matter of steroids. The huge, muscular woman that have chiselled jaw lines and deep voices will have been cycling steroids for a long time. It’s this image that stops women wanting to resistance train. This look simply doesn’t and can’t happen simply via resistance training, it’s not genetically possible. Natural female bodybuilders, the ones who don’t take any enhancements simply can’t look like that and the ones that do appear shredded have followed a vigorous dieting regime to strip their body fat levels.

You won’t get ‘massive’

So, the above explanation is the reason you won’t get ‘massive’. Resistance training coupled with a structured regime and tailored eating plan will allow you to tone and build muscle at a steady pace. Training each body part equally will allow you, as a woman, to enhance your natural curves. You will be able to build your glutes and your shoulders so your waist looks smaller and your proportions look perfectly symmetrical. Women can’t release as much growth hormone naturally as men, which is why women don’t get ‘massive’.

Don’t be afraid to lift heavy

Lifting heavy will help to improve your muscular tone as well as your strength and coordination too. It is a myth that women shouldn’t lift heavy because ladies, you are just as capable as men are when it comes to the gym. When it comes to resistance training you should do a mixture of high volume and heavy sets to really sculpt your muscles evenly.

Resistance training is excellent for burning calories

Resistance is also excellent for burning that stubborn body fat! A misconception is that resistance training doesn’t burn calories like cardio does. On the contrary, resistance training is excellent for burning calories and because it elevates your heart rate, your body can remain in a calorie-burning mode long after you have finished the workout!

What’s’ more, resistance training actually burns more calories over a 24-48 hour period than cardio does. This is because your body uses up more calories to repair and grow the new muscle tissue.

Ladies, try not to worry. Resistance training won’t make you ‘massive’. What it will do is sculpt and tone your muscles improving your strength and stamina. Resistance training will also help you to lose weight and make your bones strong. Hit the gym hard and don’t be afraid to lift heavier than the guys!

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