10 Unknown Facts about Anabolic Steroids

There are different facts, myths, and misconceptions which surround the anabolic steroids. While some are true, others are pure myths and don’t have any scientific evidence. Filtering out what is true from lies becomes difficult especially at this age where everybody can post anything online.

Below are 10 unknown facts about anabolic steroids which might challenge what you have heard before about the anabolic steroids.

1. They Don’t Increase the Chances for Prostate Cancer

There are a wide array of steroids. While there has been a misconception that anabolic steroids increase prostate cancer, there is no sufficient scientific research to back these claims. In fact, there are ongoing research to ascertain the potential role of rad 140 Canada in fighting breast cancer. This steroid have been shown to help suppress the growth of malignant cells by limiting the effects of estrogen chemical on the tissues.

In addition to this, the right choice of anabolic steroids will also help you achieve your desired lean body mass (LBM) within a short period of time, improve muscle strength, and strengthen the bones. The claims on the increased risk of prostate cancer are based on the analogy that steroids including the naturally occurring testosterone act on the prostate gland to help it function optimally. But there has been no evidence to fully link prostate cancer with anabolic steroids intake.

2. They are not the Key Cause to Premature Baldness

Men fear premature baldness. They thus keep off any drug which is strongly linked with baldness. While there might be short-term hair loss due to steroid intake, once the body stabilizes, such effects become less evident. In fact, taking specific anabolic steroids can actually lower this risk to almost zero.

3. Amplify Inherent Personality Traits

There has been a lot of talk on roid rage caused by anabolic steroids. It has been claimed that steroid intake can make you more emotional, give you a wild rage, and not handle situations rationally. The clinical studies which raised these claims were actually not performed on humans but on experimental rats.

And there is a big difference between the thought-action processes of rats and those of humans. Humans have the ability to control the way they perceive things, are rational and can develop positive traits and avoid repulsive characteristics. Thus the anabolic steroids will not give you an emotional rage which you didn’t have before. Instead, it will just amplify the personality traits within you.

4. Shrinks the Testicles but not the Penis

Every man wants to have a penis which is of the right size. What has made some men stay off from anabolic steroids is the claim that these drugs will reduce their penis size. But this is not true. What will actually reduce during the first cycle of anabolic steroids intake is the testicles size. But they will regain their normal or near-normal sizes with later steroid cycles. The only precaution which you need to take is not to overdose the steroids but only use the recommended doses.

5. They Don’t Lead to Depression

There has been a lot of misinformation that anabolic steroids cause depression. This claim has been widely propagated especially on the internet but there are no reliable sources which can back this claim. Clinical tests on the effects on the increase in testosterone in the body do not pinpoint depression as one of the effects. In fact, increased testosterone in the body has clinically been proven to enhance the moods and improve the sense of well-being.

6. Don’t Cause Stunted Growth Among Teenagers

Before the dawn of the 21st century, many teenagers were abusing anabolic steroids in an effort to improve their overall appearance. It was only advisable to counter such a trend by linking stunted growth with steroid intake in an effort to psychologically help these young people keep off these drugs.

While excessive abuse of steroids may have adverse effects on the various physiological processes which catapult growth among the adolescents, using the right dosage does not predispose any teenager to stunted growth.

7. The Liver can Handle Anabolic Steroids Safely

The liver is made to breakdown toxic products in the blood and thus reduce the toxicity in the blood. Products such as alcohol and certain foods have scientifically been shown to contain toxic substances. But it’s the excessive intake of these toxic substances which damage the liver. This applies to anabolic steroids too. Taking the right dose will not overwork the liver but excessive intake beyond the recommended levels may actually damage the liver and cause liver complications.

8. Anabolic Steroids Take Time for the Positive Effects to Show

There has been a lot of hype about how fast the anabolic steroids begin to work. This is just another example of misinformation. The effects of steroid intake don’t show immediately but take time to become evident. This is especially so with specially prepared steroids which are made to give you the positive effects and minimize the negative effects associated with steroids.

9. Women Can Take Steroids Without the Fear of Looking Like Men

There are different types of steroids. Certain steroids are made to be quite selective in enhancing certain body and appearance aspects while suppressing negative effects. It’s thus possible to take steroids and not acquire male-like characteristics if you go for those which are tailor-made for women.

10. Steroids Increase Endurance Levels

If you love long workout sessions or you would like to have the drive to endure through a rigorous physical exercise, then you might consider taking steroids. They will rejuvenate your muscles, increase the level of endurance, and boost your muscle strength allowing you to go for that extra mile you have always longed for.


There are many unknown facts about anabolic steroids. It’s important to verify facts before embracing every claim as absolute truth. By doing this, you will ensure that you don’t fall victim to misinformation.

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