Fitness Jargon to Avoid – 5 Words to Avoid in Fitness

When it comes to fitness we all want immediate results.  Pills, creams, drinks and “systems” are sold every day to those who want to lose weight or gain muscle.  Billions of dollars are spent every year to find the magic to reach fitness goals the easiest way possible. 

No matter what your fitness goals are, everyone wants to get there in the most efficient way and they should.  There is enough temptation in our lives to derail our plans that one should try to keep their path to fitness as simple and direct as possible.

As a consumer, we are romanced by the advertisements for all the products available for sale, each promising us that it will solve all our problems.  Yes, there are many products out there that will help reach your fitness goals, but there are many that are just a waste of time and money. 


Weight loss and muscle gain is a simple equation; calories consumed and calories expended.  There is no secret to this biological fact.  Those who have reached their fitness goals haven’t unlocked any kind of fitness secret or an ability to change how they work. 

There are experts who have studied the human body and know more about how our bodies work but there are no secrets.  Their knowledge allows them to develop programs, diet plans, and other fitness systems.


Tread VERY carefully when you see this word.  Many detox drinks, pills, and teas have little to know research behind them and can even be harmful.  They are not regulated by the government and have little to no scientific proof that they will work. 

A quick loss of several pounds in a few days is usually the result of the loss of water weight and can return just as quickly.  This is not considered a long term weight loss.  While great to see in the beginning of any weight loss program, it can backfire when results slow down after the first week or so.

If you feel you need to detox your body, just like fitness goals, it comes down to simple facts.  Examine your diet to see if there are deficiencies in what you are fueling your body with.  Generally, an increase in fiber, water, and probiotics is a good, and gentle, way to begin.  This paired with a decrease in “junk” food will slowly bring your body closer to optimum balance.

Fast or Immediate

Very little in the body happens fast or immediately and any lasting improvements happen with consistency and time.  Despite our desire for immediate gratification, there is no way around this. 

The only exception might be in form.  Proper form and posture can take away strain on the body and help prevent injury.  Also, proper posture can make you look taller and help distribute your weight better, making it appear that you have slimmed down a bit.

A way to make your goals appear “faster” is to measure yourself.  It doesn’t matter if it’s with a tape measure or strength, as long as you do it regularly and record it to see how far you have come.  Measurable improvements can help motivation on the long path of fitness.

Best or Worst

Everyone is different.  To place the label best or worst on a fitness aid is a blanket statement that is not the same for everyone.  It’s all a matter of perception.  Many people swear that spinning is the “best” way to shed pounds while others feel that running is the best.  They are both right because that is what works for them.  Your results may vary.

It is easy to slap the label of “best” on a product.  The manufactures want to sell their products and it is their job to convince the consumer that their product is the “magic key” to meeting your goals.  I am not saying that their products are good or bad, but be careful to look past their labeling and investigate it a bit more before putting your money and faith in something.

New and Improved

We all like the new, shiny products.  Some products do get better over time, but don’t forget the old saying, “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it”.  Just because it’s new doesn’t mean it is better.

In college, textbooks are a big cost to students.  Every few years a new version of a textbook comes out, forcing the students to purchase the new book.  New textbooks can be very expensive and they recover very little back when they sell them back at the end of the term.  Instead of using the same version of the book over and over again, the publishing companies will make a minor change in the book (sometimes the just the cover) and create demand for it.  The same can be said with almost any product where the improvement or update is hard to see past the packaging.

If a system works for you and there is a new version, feel free to investigate it.  Do the research and find out what has changed and decide if it will be a benefit before incorporating it into your training program.  Derailing your progress in fitness with a new product can slow you down and hurt your motivation.

This is no means a comprehensive list of things to avoid when doing choosing things to aid you in your fitness goals.  The important thing is to do your research.  Making informed decisions will only help you along your path.

There are no secrets to unlock to meet your fitness goals.  It all comes down to hard work, time, and finding what works best for you.  Tread carefully and dig a bit deeper behind the label before investing your time and money to make sure that it will be helpful and not just become something that collects dust.

About The Author

Nick LaToof is a nutritional consultant, blog writer, and personal trainer. He strives to better those around him with solid, no-nonsense information that's applicable and repeatable. In doing so, he empowers people to live their best life and put their best foot forward in any chosen endeavor.

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