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Do you have a passion for sports nutrition, supplements or healthy eating?

Good nutrition is the foundation upon which perfect health and longevity are based and whether you’re a pro athlete, fitness enthusiast or stay-at-home mom, the same rules apply; you have to eat healthy food in order for your workouts to have the right effect. At Nutritionly we have the resources you need to make more informed choices on some of the best supplements, eating habits and tips on sports nutrition.

Guidelines for Blog Submission

Nutritionly.com invites specialists to contribute to our ongoing topics. By posting on our platform, you will be able to reach a much wider audience, and in the process your insights will be of great use to readers who are searching for new ways to incorporate effective nutrition into their daily routine. Check out our website to get a feel of what we are about, and the kind of posts we publish.

Why Write for Us?

The type of content we’re looking for gives our readers valuable information about sports nutrition, healthy food and specific advantages of embracing whole-food. Essentially, we aim to spread awareness and encourage healthy eating habits by explaining to the reader what good nutrition is all about, and showing them how easy it is to incorporate into their daily life.

When you write for us, your posts go on to reach a massive, ever-growing audience, and you can refer friends, colleagues and family to the posts so that you can showcase your work and therefore grow your own readership.

I Want To Be a Part of This, But Where Do I Begin?

It’s pretty straightforward. Have you written a blog post before? Read through the information below to get a good picture of what’s needed. As a new writer you might need to refer to this guide on a regular basis before submitting new posts. In the meantime, go over it and see what you’ll learn, as you prepare your first post.

Submissions to Nutritionly.com (Occasionally referred to as the website or our website).

  • IMPORTANT! When contacting us, please use email address related to your business. We do not accept entries from free email addresses like @gmail.com, @yahoo.com etc
  • All work is submitted to nutritionly@gmail.com.
  • The subject-line of your email should be “Submissions”.
  • By submitting your post(s) to us, you agree that the material belongs to Nutritionly.com and may not be resubmitted elsewhere without permission from the website.
  • All new posts are credited to the author.
  • By submitting your posts, you allow Nutritionly to share your thoughts and comments with the public.
  • Content submitted to our website may go through extensive editing and may also have links to company websites and blogs inserted therein.
  • Publication of new material is done at the discretion of the website and may take several days after approval.
  • The website reserves the right to decline publishing of any particular post, and removal of a post after publishing.


The website reserves the right to review and edit new posts. Our editors will not rewrite the posts, but minor adjustments might be made to the titles, photos (if included), and other material. If a particular post needs additional improvement, we will return it to the writer with suggestions for editing or rewriting. If you are new to writing blog posts, the website will assist you as much as possible.


  • All new posts must not be plagiarized from other sources. All content must be original and not be published elsewhere on the internet.
  • Posts must not be self-promotional. An author’s bio is included at the end of every post for the purposes of giving due credit.
  • Writers should use short paragraphs when writing new posts, and bullet points should be used to break up the content neatly. For longer posts, consider using sub-headers (SEO-friendly sub-headings are encouraged)

The Particulars

  1. Document Formatting:
  • Format all documents in Word, and save the file as .doc.
  • Avoid using CAPS for emphasis- Italics may be used instead.
  • All posts should be single-spaced.
  1. Author Bio: At the end of every post the website will include an author’s bio, which will mention the writer’s full name, scope of expertise and experience, a link to your website, and, if included, other relevant information. Although not mandatory, a photo of the author will be included- but only if provided.
  2. Post photos: Writers are encouraged to include photos in their posts as a way to better capture the essence of the post. All photos should be used with permission from the owner. The photos should be at least 72 dpi, and measurements in the range of 4’’ X 6’’ or higher. Larger pictures are encouraged because they can always be sized down. If unsure which size fits the purpose of the article, just send us the original photo from your camera without editing, and we will trim it down for you.
  3. When using images with your posts, always credit the photographer. E.g. photo by Jan Doe ©2014.
  4. When submitting new posts, create the file name in this order: Your Name_Title of Post.
  5. Links: All posts should include at least one working link to a reputable source that supports the topic. Writers may use any number of links, provided they support the arguments made in the post. Writers may consider linking to products from SRP in addition to other reputable sources.
  6. Length: Posts may vary in length, but a standard minimum of 500 words is encouraged. Longer posts should be broken up using sub-headings, to make it easier for the reader. Longer posts may be referred to as articles, and article-length submissions are accepted; however keep in mind the average reader appreciated brevity, and may not always follow details in longer articles. A captivating tone may be required to keep the reader engaged.
  7. Blog Writing and Duplicate Writing: Google doesn’t look kindly on duplicate content. When you post the same article on your blog and then submit it to us, the content will not be indexed in Google search and neither party will gain from this. When writing posts for Nutritionly, keep the content original, so that readers are able to access it via regular web searches. An excerpt may be used on your website or blog to entice potential readers, with a link to our website connecting your visitors to the posts on our website.

Best Regards,

Team Nutritionly