Everything You Need to Know About Pro-hormones

There is a lot of debate going on about the use of pro-hormones and even their legality. We have put together this guide for you to help you understand and make an informed decision about whether or not you should start using pro-hormones.

What are Pro-hormones

As you may have guessed by the name, pro-hormones are precursors to hormones as they carry a very small hormonal effect. Some more known natural pro-hormones are pro-opiomelanocortin and pro-insulin.

Pro-hormones are mostly used in places where regular anabolic steroids are either illegal or impossible to get as they have a similar effect and seem safer to use than steroids. They are not really steroids, but they help your body to create steroids, mostly testosterone.

Their effect is not as strong and the results take longer to be seen as well. But that doesn’t mean they are ineffective. They do give you lean muscle and also come with the same side effects that steroids often have.

Are Pro-Hormones Legal?

Just like steroids, pro-hormones are banned in many countries. In 2004, when President Bush signed the “Anabolic Steroid Control Act”, most pro-hormones were made illegal in the US. However, some precursors to certain methylated steroids remained legal. These legal pro-hormones include Epistane, masterdrol and superdrol .

In Europe, and especially in the EU, there are no general regulations about the use and manufacturing of pro-hormones, although each country has their own laws.

The Effect and Benefits of Pro-Hormones

As stated above, pro-hormones can have a similar effect to steroids, but it can be somewhat milder. Here are some of the main benefits of pro-hormones:

  • Raised testosterone levels
  • More energy and better mood
  • Improved libido
  • Lean muscle and strength gains
  • Less side effects than steroids

Types of Pro-Hormones

Pro-hormones can be divided into two major groups – Andro pro-hormones and Nor pro-hormones. The first one converts to testosterone and helps with muscle growth. Nor pro-hormones convert well to 19-norterstosterone, which is good for muscle building, but it also has low androgenic activity.

How to Use Pro-Hormones

Pro-hormones should be used in cycles, preferably shorter cycles with long “off “ periods. For example, if you just want to give a small boost to your testosterone production, take pro-hormones for 2-3 weeks and then take 2-3 weeks off. In this case, formulas that work fast, such as cyclodextrin, work best.

For maximum results, take your pro-hormones for around 5-8 weeks and keep a 4-6 week “off” period between cycles. Here you get the best outcome with topical sprays and other longer acting products.

Women can also use pro-hormones, but only the nor pro-hormones type and in short cycles of 4 weeks or less.

What About Side Effects?

All hormonal products have side effects, so do all pro-hormones. Although they shouldn’t be as aggressive as with steroids, they are still quite common.

First of all, pro-hormones should only be taken by adults above the age of 21. Also, men who have some androgen disorders or prostate cancer should stay away. Recommended dosages and cycles should always be followed.

Regular steroid effects such as man boobs or pimples are not very common with pro-hormones. What’s more common is male pattern baldness, insomnia and development of masculine features in women.

How to Choose the Best Pro-Hormone?

The specific pro-hormone you choose depends on many factors. First of all, if you are a beginner, start with a single compound that only has one pro-hormone. For experienced users, two or more compound pro-hormone might work best. But most of all, the product you choose depends on your goal.

Those who are looking to bulk up fast should get a compound that promotes high protein synthesis levels and have more anabolic properties. Also, remember that any cycles that you start to bulk up your muscles require you to use some kind of cycle support to prevent liver problems and other health worries.

Athletes looking for cutting pro-hormones need something that inhibits estrogen and could be used in longer cycles.

There are also pro-hormones available that do it all and come with stacks that also contain other hormones and supplements. It is best to get some professional advice before starting with any heavy stacks or pro-hormones.

Anything Else?

Like with any supplements, steroids and hormones, we recommend you to consult a health care specialist or your trainer before you start your cycle. Pro-hormones are no different. Even though they come with less side effects, they should still be taken with care and proper cycles and dosages should be followed at all times.

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