Minimalist Nutrition: Why Less is More

1. Calculate your macros

This isn’t completely necessary but if you have never done it before, I highly recommend that you do. It is a great learning tool. You won’t have to track forever. In fact, after a few months of tracking, you’ll be able to keep up with it in your head. It gets pretty easy after a while.

Don’t think you need to because you can “eyeball” portion sizes?

I challenge you to go get a jar of peanut butter and “eyeball” one serving. Then take out a measure device, get the exact amount, and compare the differences. You can find out more about calculating your macros here.

2. Pick 4-5 meals that you enjoy

Make sure each of these meals have a quality protein, carbohydrate, and fat source. These meals will be your diet about 90% of the time. They will be your go to meals and will make decision making easy when you’re in a jam. Don’t count protein shakes in to the 4-5.

Think you’ll get sick of the same meals over and over again?

Humans are creatures of habit. We tend to only eat the same 4-5 things regardless. Don’t believe me? Just keep a food long of everything you eat for a month. You’ll see the trends.

3. Treat Yourself

Leave a small window each week to enjoy foods that aren’t technically “diet friendly.” You know, pizza and chicken wings, maybe some ice cream.

Don’t think you’ll need a cheat day?

Well, in my experience I find that even the most strong-willed people have the slightest bit of hedonism in them. Eventually, they’ll break their diet and go off the deep in. In many cases, when this happens they go crazy.

A phenomenon a like to call the “Forbidden Fruit.” Since the beginning of time, humans have had hedonistic tendencies. If you neglect these tendencies and tell ourselves that we’ll never eat badly again, you set yourself up for failure. But if you plan ahead of time it doesn’t take you off track. In fact, it’s part of the plan. It allows you to enjoy some food and enjoy yourself without the feeling of guilt.

There you have three easy steps to keep you on track with your goals and from going insane in the membrane. Don’t make it complicated. The more complicated something is the easier it is for it to malfunction. The easier, the less likely it is to malfunction; if it does mess up, it’s a lot easier to fix.

Do yourself a favor and make your nutritional strategy simple. If you need help with that, we can help you! Check out our custom meal plan/nutritional strategies by our world-class staff here at


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